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COVID 19 Week #1.
Albert was quick out of the gate, sending me an email, with a lovely stand up bass track idea he recorded at home.

COVID 19 Week #2.
After one week, of ups and downs, I set up my first home studio.
My Mackie Pro Fx 12 Mixer, Logic Pro X and Reed’s old headphones all connected via my pedal board to my lovely Reverend guitar.

COVID 19 Week #3.
I listened to Albert’s bass idea and added some guitar ideas. The result is a very different sound for the two of us.

COVID 19 Week #4.
I decided to post this first recording and Deb’s beautiful painting immediately came to mind as the perfect visual.

Now onto lyrics, music and a new Blue Dirt Girl song.

Follow/Purchase/Commission Deb’s art on her Twitter account.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"