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Blue Dirt Girl kiki outtake photo 2019

Huge thanks to Kiki Yee for her, Blue Dirt Girl photo shoot, posts
on Instagram Flashback Friday on April 3rd.
All the photos are from our band photo shoot, with Kiki, in November 2019.
The photos were used for my websites new ABOUT page  and will be used for future posters/applications.

This was our 3rd band photo shoot with Kiki.
Each time she created a professional, trusting, relaxed shoot and I had many photos for use.

Support Kiki’s art with Instagram Follow, go to her site and consider hiring her for EDITING or DESIGN services.
All the photos, editing and design work Kiki has done with Blue Dirt Girl has been outstanding.

Take care. Be kind. Stay home.

photo by Kiki Yee outtakes 2019.

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