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Thanks to both Moira C. for adding my single HEY SINNERS to her “Paws Up”Spotify playlist and fellow Vancouver musician, Kele Fleming, for adding my Crazy Beautiful to her “Vancouver Gems” Spotify playlist. 

Now that musical events/tours have been cancelled simply adding an indie artists song(s) to a playlist, purchasing a single or an album on artists Store page or on your favourite streaming service supports our work.

Park Sound Studio has started a Virtual Concert Series on Instagram Live. 
It’s a creative way to support local musicians.
Every Saturday night, starting at 7 pm, you can listen to a lineup of local musicians playing music from their homes.
You can donate money if you are able, use link above, which is equally divided between each artist.
It’s a very kind gesture and a heck of a lot of work for Megan and Andy, at Park Sound Studio.

Here is the link to Studio version of Hey Sinners
Here is the link to Studio version of Crazy Beautiful title track on my 2016 album.

Take care. Be kind.

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