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View from my sunset spot on our Saskatchewan farm property. Rough acoustic clip.
Little nippy in the snow but coyote back up vocals made it worthwhile.  I think coyotes were Dad  telling me he likes – Sunset Daddy – my new song for him.
Dad never stayed still on the farm. Occasionally I could get him to stop to watch a sunset with me.

It’s a happy song with jazz funk bass lines and drums, wah guitar, “hep” vocals and psychedelic lead guitar parts.

“I still recall the towel wrapped around your waist. Singing and swinging like Ella – Hey babaroo bear.  Kim and I giggled and wondered.  Would the towel and the man both make it up those stairs.”  Verse 2. Sunset Daddy.
Lyrics and composition by Kathryn Sutherland.

“because I said I would”

photo by myself or my Greg.

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  • Jeanette Volk says:

    I LOVE this song Kathryn! Great memories of your dear dad put to music! Memories of a great man! ❤️

    • Thanks Jeanette! He was a kind dear man.
      I really missed him as we moved mom out of Selo place and visited the farm.
      I am going to record, in a studio, 4 songs in April and May. An EP.
      This is one of the songs we are recording.
      So it will be even better with drums.
      I am going to announce recording soon.
      Appreciate reply. xoxo K

    • Don’t know how i missed this jeanette but thanks for comment on my DAD post. It is actually dad’s b day today He would have been 89. So kismet i found this comment from you. love K

  • Donna Redlick says:

    Made me smile. I could here those Coyotes singing with you in the background! Wonderful.

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"because i said i would"