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Travelling on the Via train across Canada breaks down our artificial divisions, I find.
A conversation in the dining car- from classic cars to family histories, and childhood visits to Saskatchewan -ended abruptly. My fellow traveler announced he had to get off the train, and attend his daughter’s funeral.

5 miles out of Bethune, a song came to me.

I will be playing it for the first time live, along with many new songs at Luppolo Brewing Co. on January 30th. ,with Albert and Max.

A different Blue Dirt Girl duo rendition, along with other new songs,  stand up bass, and my new reverend electric guitar will be on January 23rd at our Sylvia Hotel show. 

Thanks to Albert for listening and including all the relevant image cues in the google map link. Please note this is not Albert’s google screenshot of the site.  In 2023 Maria Folk, Kathryn’s childhood friend, went and took a picture of the shrine ~ 5 miles outside of Bethune.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"