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Brother of De Walt Klassen Design pedal set up.

By January 31, 2018December 17th, 2018No Comments

Got myself a custom #AlbertKlassen aka Brother of De Walt Klassen Design pedal case. Albert customized a DeWalt tool case with my #Bosspedals#VoxWah and amp channel foot switch all together in this sweet set up.
My trusty whammy bar up top ready for usage.
Many thanks to #MartinWalton fabulous guitar player, songwriter, singer, guitar tech and amp creator and Albert for walking me through the process and creating my custom case.
Super jazzed to test it out this Thursday night at our Luppolo Brewing Company show.
Special guest vocalist, and my cousin, Moira Chicilo will sit in on some songs.
Great craft beer, snacks and music.
“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"