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The world from 3 inches off the ground.

By October 5, 2017September 10th, 2019No Comments
blue dirt girl lucy and the lowriders pic w steve

Albert and my new song, Lucy and the Low Riders, is in the works. Using WAR THE BAND, Lowrider bass line and this little cutie, the dog, not, Steve Moran, who is handsome, as the inspiration.  Laura Moran, Steve’s gorgeous wife, and my dear friend from Marian High School in Regina days gave me the inspiration, and the best laugh of August, with her tales of caring for many #daschunds, from the#CalgaryLowridersDaschundclub at her home.
My other buddy Strange Clouds adds to the Lowrider connection from our, Dickens Music volunteering days, i would hum the signature bass line as he cruised by to grab Deb Doodle Copeland and my gear. Oliver would cruise by stretched way back in his car with the window rolled down.

My other friend Kerryn is sending me stories of her much adored Grandma’s daschund’s Tina and May.

Kath Klassen is sending me blogs posts, vintage art daschund pictures, as well as, insights on a dog life from her Vet days.

A little light with this new song about just what the world may look like from 3 inches off the ground. 

I will share a ruff excerpt of  Lucy and the Lowrider song, with blue dirt girl‘s #albertklassen, killing it as usual on bass, me experimenting with guitar bits and Jason Overy adding his inspired drum ideas soon.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"