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Thanks, again,  Kiki Yee for this, click here,  39 second brilliant live clip of my blue dirt girl trio playing Rhianna’s, STAY, written by Ekko/Parker.

Anyone, anytime can take a video and share with your fav indie artist and boom you have created a massively helpful tool for posting on social media, Festival and Gig pitches and artist bio’s.

We raised close to $1000 at our blue dirt girl Fundraiser for Aunt Leah’s Place at Notional Space on September 22nd in East Van. Sign up to see all the wonderful shows, art, music, film at Mark and Yoo-Mi’s exquisite live modern venue/home in East Van at Thanks to Sophie and her #ThinkingShip wise, sharp poetry, Moira Chicilo for saying yes and sitting in on some songs, Luppolo Brewing CO. for supplying the craft beer, Liz for handling the Door, Greg for helping with everything always. My Cooper and Harry W. for your fine merch and roadie skills. Always my band #JasonOvery  and #AlbertKlassen. All the generous attendee’s for supporting good work of Aunt Leah’s Place and swinging to our blue dirt girl original music.


“because i said i would”
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"because i said i would"