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Thanks Notional Space, Mark and Yoo-Mi,  for the use of your wonderful venue, as well as, sound man wonder Mark Jacobs and Yoo-Mi for lovely hostess duty, ready box of band aids and answers to all the questions.
Both Markie Jay and @Yoo-Mi for your philosophy of living and sharing your space to support Arts, Social Justice and Community in Vancouver.

Thanks to all the attendee’s and their generous donations we raised a lot of money to support the very important, underfunded and necessary programs at Aunt Leah’s Independent Lifeskills Society  We raised $900 from ticket, merch, artist waived fee, craft beer sales and direct donations for ALP.

Thanks to Sarah, Executive Director, of #AuntLeahPlace for coming out to meet people and share information after, I am absolutely sure, a long day at work.

Always thanks to Jason Overy and #AlbertKlassen whose divine musicality, songwriting skills and good humour make blue dirt girl a joy.
Thanks to my Cooper and, Kerryn and Jonathon’s, Harry for manning the blue dirt girl merch table, setting it all up so fine, loading in my gear, loading out gear and merch.
Ryan at Luppolo Brewing Company for donating a keg of beer which the audience polished off!
Greg Corrigan for agreeing to man the beer station and transporting 2 exhausted merch boys home along with my gear, as well as, helping Liz out at the door.
Liz, my eternal support gal and great friend, for “womaning” the door last night after a long day at her work.
Moira, my cousin, for saying yes to writing songs, singing, cajoling merch set up and laughing through this next phase of our cousin story.
Sophie Yendole for her magical thoughts and words with her #ThinkingShip I just knew you had something to say.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"