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It’s a great day when you get a note saying “My niece posted a you tube link with the words I need a pill, a drink and a dark place to think and I was hooked. ” I got one of those from Carol T., a new #Alberta fan, and Carol wants to chat about blue dirt girl #HouseConcert round #DrumhellerAB way.
Anyone else want to book my trio message me and i will happily start building a tour.

Big thanks to Robbie Miller ,for writing that line in the first place, with the rest of our Hello (again) band crew on our Dark Heart song.
Thanks to #albertklassen and Jason Overy for their fab playing, Evan Arntzen for kicking it up a notch with his horn playing, Simon Kendall for producing/recording #darkheart, track # 12 on my Crazy Beautiful Album. Best to buy it from me at but also on SpotifyGoogle PlayAmazon Music or iTunes

It’s the opening song for our Blue Dirt Girl Concert Fundraiser for Aunt Leah’s Place. this Friday night , Sept. 22nd, Notional Space with Luppolo Brewing Company#ThinkingShip and #MoiraChicilo ukulele/vox.

“because i said i would”  Dark Heart blue dirt girl Youtube Channel

Image by Cooper Sutherland-Corrigan

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"because i said i would"