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Laying down vocals for Little Conversations.

By June 9, 2017October 1st, 2022No Comments

Albert and I were laying down lyrics, at Jason’s  #OvereezeeStudio‘s, for our upcoming blue dirt girl singles release, Little Conversations. We are doing our version of Concrete Blonde’s, Johnette Napolitano, song Little Conversations.

Good friend and JavaYoga owner, Niki, requested the song recording, for her upcoming podcasts, and blue dirt girl has added the song to our set list.

I am on lead vocals and wah patch on my electric guitar, mangy angel back ups and, so fine, bass playing by#AlbertKlassen, along with, Jason Overy, on killer drums/percussion.

Super jazzed to also be working, for the first time, at Jason’s Overeezee Studio with Jason recording, engineering and co- producing the song.

I will let you know when Little Conversations is ready for listening and purchase.

“because I said I would” #support local
#johnettenapolitano, #wahpedal, #drums, #percussion #indiemusic #livemusic #concreteblondes

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"because i said i would"