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blue dirt girl STC Magic Kitchen Session Rant

I will be posting my first blue dirt girl​, Magic Kitchen Session,  tomorrow with my song called STC.
Since the recording the real STC or Saskatchewan Transportation Company funding is under threat of being cut by the Saskatchewan Party.
This is a travesty and must be stopped.
The Saskatchewan Party also tried to cut Public Library funding and the people, of the prairies, fought and got the funding reinstated via Stop the Cuts​ and other community action.
Now it is time to save this essential public service in Saskatchewan, our STC, which connects people in our vast province.

Join the FB group SaveSTC . Support our Saskatchewan Owned Bus Co.​

Fight for humane public services across Canada.

If you are in BC vote for a humane provincial government, the NDP,  on election day May 9th.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"