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blue dirt girl augmented shed a tear image image by greg corrigan
Track #1 from blue dirt girl‘s Crazy Beautiful album SHED A TEAR.
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Recorded at Hammond Ave Studio, spring 2016, with Albert Klassen on stand up bass, Jason Overy on drums and Kathryn Sutherland on electric guitar. All these parts were recorded live off the floor.
The overdubs are Simon Kendall on his Wurlitzer and Evan Arntzen Vancouver born, Brooklyn N.Y. based, on tenor sax.Simon and Albert are also the COFA aka manly back up singers.

Written by Kathryn Sutherland Shed a Tear was originally arranged with Hello (again) in the lead room.

“because i said i would”

black and white Image used with permission fromGreg Corrigan @whiterainredsand

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"because i said i would"