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I posted this photo by Vancouver based Designer/Photographer, Greg Corrigan, @whiterainredsand for one of my blue dirt girl rants on why some of the public do not feel it necessary to pay for art or music.  I had had a rather difficult time reconciling people walking into a blue dirt girl show and skirting the ticket desk.

A fan, Kelly, saw the post and immediately wanted the image.  She grew up on Vancouver Island and said it took her back to very happy memories of her childhood home with train tracks behind it.

This is a 40×30 canvas print that i had created at local shop, Opus Art and Supplies, on Granville Island in Vancouver.

I have used both Greg’s photo’s and other photographer’s work for blue dirt girl posts and single song art.   If you would like any of the images i use to be printed and ready to hang please contact me.  We can discuss the price and sizing and make it happen.

“because i said i would”


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"because i said i would"