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blue dirt girl t shirt and tank pic

Our 4th evening of music was at Enrico Winery in Mill Bay.  A longer drive than I expected especially since my cel phone got soaked and I was working with no google map.  Not a good thing for a prairie girl who depends on flat land with visible land marks.

But blue dirt girl always prevails.  We stayed with my dear friends Karin and Brian, shown in picture here, modelling  blue dirt girl merchandise, just outside Duncan.  Thanks for the warm beds and hot breakfast and great conversations.

We set up and gear and had a beautiful vista behind the band of the fields of grapes.  The only glitch was there was no lighting and the dark set in.  So it was our first and last blue dirt girl show in the dark.

Thankfully, it was an enthusiastic audience with another lovely chance meeting with myself and Mr. Manitoba.  His wife dragged him over to see our Saskatchewan based merchandise.  He proceeded to tell me that he just learned, at over 65, that he was originally from Saskatchewan, he was adopted as a child,  and was starting to meet his family members.  He loved the merch and his wife bought a t shirt. Beautiful.

Thanks to my good buddy Tia Hass for running the merchandise sales as we got the crowd up dancing with our gypsy soul swing.

It was a grand night of music.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"