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blue dirt girl CB Tour Aug '16 Courtenay BC Craig Carson photo

Night 2 at Gladstone Brewing, Courtenay, B. C., started with a very warm welcome, and a generous gift card for many cold brew, from the Pub owner, John, and a hot pizza from Pizzeria Guerilla.

We got the merch table set up and the teenagers fed and set up for our show.

It was grand to have Simon Kendall sit in on keys for the evening.  Simon not only recorded and engineered our album he added many keys and vocals to the final product.  Playing live with this trio of musicians was pure pleasure.

The audience was so supportive and not just because 1/3 of them were Klassen’s!  Black Creek was a ghost town tonight.
Albert Klassen is our bass player and his nephew Josh Klassen opened the evening with his KLAME music stylings.  It was wonderful to have their family and friends attend our show.

I also discovered that my Cooper with his mate, Harry, can pack a car full of gear at midnight in the dark when one large piece of gear is discovered by a very helpful waiter.  Whew.

The teenage trio and I headed to Sprott Lake to hang out by the lake, drink cola’s and visit with Harry and his fabulous mom, Kerryn, and her dad and the 4 other Williams troupe.

Thanks for the photo Craig Carson.
Craig was a lovely man that my Cooper and I struck up a conversation with as we set up the merchandise table.  He was there to take pictures of Josh Klassen.  When I saw the photo, on FB,  I asked Craig if I could pay him for the image, with a t shirt,  and he said:

“It was very nice of you to offer me the Tshirt. I would rather you sell it understanding that it was my pleasure to be there and to meet you and your son. Photography is my hobby and I choose my subjects to please me and am extra happy when it is to everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.
  I will not forget your son any time soon, he is a wonderful human being with great people skills at a young age, well done.”
This is one of the reasons i love travelling and playing music.  You have these one off meetings, unplanned, with the most beautiful souls.  Having him meet my Cooper and offer these words to me was a brilliant bonus.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"