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blue dirt girl Denman island post Aug 16

We were greeted with a smile, a hot meal and a cold drink at Denman Island Guesthouse.  Donna, who co-owns the Guesthouse with Sheldon Remple was kind from the moment we entered her cafe.

She respected what we do as travelling musicians and wanted our stay to be comfortable and easy.

Her staff were awesome cooked great food and made amazing coffee and helped where they could with our set up.

We had warm beds for the night.  Jason in his castle top bedroom aka princess and the pea room and me in my lovely tiny nautical window cabin.

The room was full of all the great music and conversations  that have gone before and the audience was very appreciative and listened to every note.

It was a quiet but wonderful end to our Crazy Beautiful Vancouver Island Tour.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"