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blue dirt girl Simon Kendall playing Farfisa tracks '16

#Farfisa tracks, masterfully played by #SimonKendall, are done for my song, Crazy Beautiful, one song on our upcoming album.  I was thinking B52’s as he played his late night produced riff on the Farfisa.

Thanks Colin Gray for the fabulous #Farfisa comment/riff on my FB post yesterday. It reads:
Everybody’s dancin’
To the Farfisa beat
All the girls are crazy
Actin’ out the heat
Tie, shirts and cuff links
Well, that’s pretty neat
Flash, flash mirror ball
Stereo, the disco
Wow, wow, ain’t she tall
Moved off of my feet
To the Farfisa beat
Its one of my favourite bands, I saw in Saskatoon a million years ago, Squeeze Official, such a great laugh and listen in between takes today with Simon Kendall at blue dirt girl session.
I took another pic today, of the Farfisa steel legs and fab case and oh so wonderful steel advert sign. Gotta love the Italian for fine details.

“because i said i would”

We are finishing bed tracks soon.

Much appreciation to #SimonKendall for all his musical additions to my album.

“because I said I would”

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"because i said i would"