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Just had the pleasure of laying down vocal tracks, for Dark Heart, a song I co wrote with Hello (again).

Working with Simon Kendall at his Hammond Ave Studio. #AlbertKlassen put down awesome bass bed tracks along with Jason Overy ridiculous drum beats and I hit the right notes on my acoustic guitar Cleo.

My vision was for a live feeling album and recording process and the trio met the challenge today with the guitar, drums and stand up bass tracks as keeper tracks.
In plain language we played together so well, Simon miked us perfectly and our trio performance is done, not as seperate recorded tracks, but together in the studio.

My vocals will come next and be so easy to do with this awesome bed track.

“because I said I would”

You can hear Dark Heart and more original blue dirt girl songs at A Chautauqua this Sat night and Sunday Blake Williams Backspace

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"because i said i would"