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December 4th rolled around and Albert, Jason and I had our 2 sets ready to go.  Albert had generously added his original song, I rest my case, to the set and sang lead vocals, both Jason and Albert agreed to do back up vocals on songs.

My fabulous friend, and sound man extrordinaire for Hello(again) (another band i am lucky to play with her in Vancouver) Cliff Elliot agreed to come on his own time and run sound for blue dirt girl for the Concert.  Cliff also did  a direct recording of the show so I could take the live go pro footage (thanks to Jason’s sharing, setting up and running of his go pro) from the show, have Cliff EQ it and use it for my blue dirt girl Youtube Channel.  So we have the live video of my song Fillinger.

I met a delightful woman, Jude, at the Dec 4th House Concert, a good friend of our hosts Eric and Catherine, and most capable set up and support person for the evening.  On top of it all Jude took an awesome phone video clip that resulted in our live short video for Stay.

To top it all off I had my son, Cooper, and his friend, and hosts son, Oliver handling the door for the House Concert.

Many new faces and a large contingent of ardent friends and supporters, of my both my walk back into the light, and musical adventures attended the concert.  My “WFOBOFM” artist group was front and centre the whole night clapping, tearing up, laughing, tapping their toes. Could not have managed blue dirt girl without all of you.

Simon Kendall also came out and that night decided he would move ahead and record my blue dirt girl album.

Oh what a night.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"