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I knew i wanted to record an album, of original songs,  with the trio and Albert sent me over to Simon’s Hammond Ave Studio’s in the Fall of ’15.

Simon and I sat and talked and shared stories, he showed me the delightful thumb tack honkey tonk piano and his grand piano, the Studio was filled with little treasures and lots of instruments.  I had a vision of live recording “off the floor” with all the musicians in the same room, reacting to and playing with each other.  An authentic, not over edited,  sound as our trio worked together on the various songs.  I am not savvy with recording or musical terms but tend to either sing or play or describe in some obscure words what I want to create.  Simon got it.  I felt respected and heard and I could see that this was the spot to record my blue dirt girl album.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"