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“because i said i would”

By October 13, 2015July 11th, 2024No Comments

A promise to herself and one other, “because I said I would” was the impetus for the creation of Blue Dirt Girl in 2015.
It’s also the through line and philosophy for everything Kathryn does, from producing and headlining multi-disciplinary and band  shows to organizing and playing in fundraisers for local charities.


In 2015 I finally followed through on a promise, I made numerous times to my brother Kent, that I would create my own band project alongside my other bands Push3 and Hello(again).

From Kent’s 16 year old comment outside my 12 year old bedroom door “Oh. Wow.  It’s you. I was listening in the hall and thought it was the radio but it’s you”, to present day my brother has believed in my unique ideas as a songwriter, singer and guitarist.

During 2015 I also had a couple bouts of debilitating depression and Kent, my sister in law Candace, my other half Greg and a couple of dear friends and Billy helped me through to the light again.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"