I have had 12 years of volunteering, my voice, guitar playing and songwriting skills with both St Casmir’s Daycare and Charles Dickens Annex and Main School children and teachers. Click on this link to hear one of my favourite experiences working with my dear friend and artist Lorraine Finch and Marimba Teacher extrordinaire Paul Alexander and a bunch of fabulous kids at Dickens.
blue dirt girl ‘s Kathryn Sutherland with singer/songwriter/keyboardist/fellow mom/volunteer Lorraine Finch and Paul Alexander, in 2014, at Charles Dickens Elementary School. working together with the wonderful kids. Paul, the Marimba teacher, wrote the music and teaches Marimba playing to the students, at Dickens, and Lorraine and I had the privilege of helping the kids write a song to accompany the Marimba’s. We are kneeling in front doing some “live” coaching. One of my favourite creative moments. An era ended this June ’16 as both my kids are now in High School so my volunteer days have ended.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"