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Deb my tech support/educator

By April 28, 2015November 26th, 2019No Comments

Over the years my dear friend Deb has been an amazing support person/educator for all my computer tech.

When I look back now I was afraid of social media, making a mistake, with my Blue Dirt Girl online posts and social media set up.

Deb would calmly reassure me and tell me how to post or open up a Facebook account or create a business card.

My favourite Deb advice is still “just keep hitting buttons until something works” or “google it”

Two things I still do to this day.

Deb and I originally met Volunteering together at our son’s school, Dickens Annex and Main, playing guitar/singing, and writing music and lyrics, with the kids and Oliver E on bass.

We continue writing, playing and singing with local Vancouver based indie band Hello(again).


Thanks Deb.

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