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photo by Ray Maichin ~Medio Ambiente

Dan Ponich describes himself as a North Vancouver, B.C. Canada based mixer, engineer and producer.

Blue Dirt Girl describes Dan Ponich as an accomplished guitarist, keys & synth player, percussionist/ drummer, songwriter and composer. Dan was recording engineer, co-producer and recorded tracks on both Blue Dirt Girl’s 2021 ‘Nothing is as it was’ EP and 2023 ‘No Street Signs No Straight Lines‘ album. On the album Dan also played drums and percussion. 

Blue Dirt Girl looks forward to having Dan join Kathryn and Albert live on stage for select shows.

An essential ingredient for the Blue Dirt Girl’s new modern soul, rock, psychedelic sound was the creative connection between Blue Dirt  Girl’s Kathryn Sutherland and recording engineer Dan Ponich. Their artistic kinship started with the bands Nothing is as it was EP recording sessions (03.17.21) and co-production, and continued with Blue Dirt Girl’s  No Street Signs No Straight Lines album.  Blue Dirt Girl’s Albert Klassen joined Kathryn and Dan on the co production of the new album.

Dan understood how to translate Kathryn’s emotive sonic ideas into a unique modern soul sound for Blue Dirt Girl. Dan took Kathryn’s rich array of vocal thoughts and groove electric guitar stylings, Albert’s acumen with bass playing, mandolin and vocal harmonies. He added his extensive experience with the Park Sound Studios myriad of studio amps, specialty vocal mics, and guitars to the recording process.

Contact Dan Ponich for recording studio projects at Park Sound Studio, North Vancouver B.C. Canada,  at

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