Mason Jar with Leather Sleeve


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Handmade leather mason jar sleeve with original image tattooes.
Two image options are available: Piggery (black image) or 3 sisters images which are tattooed onto leather, revealing the subtle textures of the grain. The sleeves are treated with a non-toxic sealant which gives the piece a nice finish and ensures it is moisture repellant. The sleeve is not only stylish but functional as it insulates both hot and cold drinks and becomes portable with the lid attached. It fits snuggly but can be slipped on and off for cleaning. Paired with a favourite bevy this is a great alternative to traditional portable cups.
Mason jars are included with the sleeves.

Images created by Vancouver based photographer Greg Corrigan.
Leather Mason Jar sleeves created by Vancouver based flight path designs.

“because i said i would”

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3 sisters image, piggery image

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