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We Love You Tom is Kathryn’s ode to Tom Waits.

She wrote the song, in 2008, after seeing, Calgary based, November Theatres amazing performance of the Black Rider at the 2008 Vancouver Push Festival in Vancouver. A good friend Celia B. lent Kathryn her Tom Waits Black Rider album. Kathryn listened to the album on repeat and wrote We Love You Tom.

Simon Kendall on keys and Kathryn on lead vocals/electric guitar, Albert Klassen on electric guitar/vocals and Jason on drums.

Albert and Simon are the COFA singers.

This song was originally arranged with Push3, then with Hello(again) and finally with my trio.

I dedicated this song to my friend Barbara M. after her abrupt passing. A bright light gone too soon.

Watch my “We Love You Tom” live off the floor trio video on Blue Dirt Girl’s Youtube channel.

“because i said i would”

Image used with permission from Cooper Sutherland-Corrigan

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