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Blue Dirt GIrl trio recorded Little Conversations in 2017 at Jason Overy’s, Overeezee Studio, in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Jason was not only the recording engineer and co producer, on the track but also laid down killer drum/percussion parts, a synth bridge part and back up vocals to the recording.

One of my favourite parts of this recording process was the creation of the bridge section.

I heard a searing synth part, inspired by playing music with Vancouver based keyboardist Lorraine Finch, for the bridge. (Hello(again)band)
Jason used his mini synth keyboard to get the sound.

Then Albert came in to the studio, for his bass recording, and said he would take a swing at replacing the synth tracks with acoustic guitar.
Albert laid down tracks with guitar, missing a string, and multi tracked mandolin parts.

Check out the original video for Little Conversations on Blue Dirt Girl’s Youtube Channel.

“start a’ll change your day”

Poster|photo by Kiki Yee @kiki.yess

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