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Desire was pretty cool day of recording with the drums, bass, electric guitar and vocals all recorded live off the floor. Kathryn had started this recording project with the distinct plan to make a recording played live, off the floor, as much as possible so this was a great day.  It also once again confirms the extrordinary musicianship and professionalism of Albert Klassen bass, Jason Overy drums and percussion and Simon Kendall keys/synth.  Kathryn, me, on lead vocals and electric guitar.  The Fender Rhodes key parts, and synthesizer, were overdubbed later by Simon at one of his wee hours of the morning solo sessions.  Thanks to Simon for the idea to darken the chords and vocals on the bridge for Desire. Perfect. Desire is a song Kathryn wrote after a trip to Nepal and Indonesia in 1994 with my Greg. The ideas are timeless. “because i said i would” Image used with permission from Reed Sutherland-Corrigan


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