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“And yes- I remember you! I’d be happy to play ‘Five Miles Out’ from your new album. If you can record the very moving story about its inspiration that would be great.”

Huge thanks to CBC Saskatchewan radio Shauna Powers host of Saskatchewan Weekend show for airing both Kathryn and Albert’s pre-recorded backstory for new single 5 Miles Out + playing the song this Saturday or Sunday on her show. (6-9 am CST)

Listen and support both Shauna’s CBC Radio show and our new album!

If you like what you hear request more Blue Dirt Girl music on Saskatchewan Weekend or any Canadian CBC radio show. Indie Music play, on CBC,  is largely based on email or social media messages request for band airplay.

You can hear a teaser clip of K and A’s pre-recorded backstory post here on Instagram or here on FB .

5 Miles Out was inspired by a conversation Kathryn had on the bands Via Rail Artist on Board~ Vancouver to Toronto and Back Tour~ (2019) while travelling through Saskatchewan.

This is the second time Shauna Powers has supported Blue Dirt Girl  music with airplay on her Saskatchewan Weekend show. The first time was a play of Kathryn’s ode to Saskatchewan, Big Open Sky, off Blue Dirt Girl’s  Crazy Beautiful album  (2016). Shauna played the single, Kathryn and Albert’s pre-recorded Via Rail Tour train story and mentioned the bands Coming Home House Concert in Regina (05.04.19)  Blog post here

Though Kathryn and Shauna have never met they have a kindred connection with love of Saskatchewan, Vancouver, curious spirit, love of conversation and passion for music.

Listen to Blue Dirt Girl’s new album No Street Signs No Straight Lines album on (Bandcamp), Spotify or your favourite streaming platform.

Watch 5 Miles Out lyric video on Blue Dirt Girl’s Youtube Channel and the No Street Signs No Straight Lines Live Shows (April to July 2023)video too. Consider Subscribing and commenting.

Upcoming shows August 13th, September 9th and 30th information here.

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