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April 27th show~

Container Brewery  1216 Franklin St. Vancouver, B.C.

Early show. 6 – 8 pm. No cover.

The Burdy is the resident food truck, creating delicious chicken and eggplant parmesan sandwiches, Italian beer battered fries, caesar salad and a beeRAMISU which is their take on a tiramisu using our All Season stout!
Their bus is solar powered, which is so cool, and they’re very conscious about the environment (like us) delivering their food to you in reusable baskets on compostable paper for in house eating, and their take out containers are also compostable.

Check out Wednesday Live Music | Twin Tuesdays | Nat Bailey night schedule here.

DREAMS: Back story ~

The vibe of my “NOTHING is AS it WAS” EP was raucous and new and I was concerned my reflective, melancholy, sweet DREAMS did not fit.

Contrarians: Albert, Kath(official band member/Albert’s partner) mentee Max and my Friday morning Bitches (artists/mom group) all adored the song.
Then I had a EmmyLou Harris “get out in front” moment enroute to the recording studio
and DREAMS was locked in as closing track for the EP.

Recording Studio magic~

My adoration of This Mortal Coil’s BLOOD album, with each song flowing and connecting to the next peaked Dan Ponich/’s interest.
I wanted the sound of rope rubbing against wooden beams on a swing to start and end DREAMS. Dan used his SewWhat app and voila my soundscape idea was realized.

DREAMS release phenomena~

~ # 8, 6, 19, 18 & 2 on worldwide musician community NAS TOP 20 playlist.

~ over 67K views on my Youtube Channel.

~2 PODCAST interviews~ 01.25.22- Michael Lind, Swedish based musician/podcaster/The Blindfold Experience band leader, Podcast interview
& UK based Tom Duggan, podcaster/musician, interview with Blue Dirt Girl and my fellow NAS artists: Pangaea to Me, JHM, St Eriks Street, Shayan Regan and Origin Crxss.


      Tickets for Blue Dirt Girl’s June 11th Evening  Outdoor House Concert, in a secret east van backyard, coming soon.

Opening act NIGHTFLOWER VARIANT ORCHESTRA is confirmed (!!!) along with Blue Dirt Girl full band and
guest saxophonist Baylie Adams. (watch first live show 8 min. mashup video here)


Listen, purchase, download, stream, playlist, follow, subscribe any or all of my “Nothing is AS it Was” singles/music catalogue on Blue Dirt Girl online STORE, BANDCAMP or SPOTIFY or TIDAL.

Email Kathryn at for booking the band.

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