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music releases 2020 kiki yee photo teaser bit for Blue Dirt Girl EP 2020

Here is unedited clip of, I Don’t Mind, for my upcoming EP music releases 2020.

I sent to Dan Ponich this home studio track so he had a map of the song for Studio Recording in August.

I Don’t Mind is, 1 of 4,  songs on my upcoming October 2020 EP release:
“Nothing is as it was.”
4 songs released one at a time.
4 original videos released one at a time with each song.

Cannot wait for you to hear Dan’s fabulous recording, engineering, mixing and additional slap guitar, synthesizer and percussion tracks on the EP.
It’s a bold new sound for Blue Dirt Girl.

Watch Blog and Instagram posts for October release date.

Image is sneak peak of Kiki Yee’s cover for EP.

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